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October 2016 Praim Group Introduces "Trolls" Chocolate Bars
May 2016 Praim Group to Reveal Six New Dream Works Chocolate Bars at Sweets and Snacks Expo
March 2016 Praim Group To Launch All-Natural "Happiness Is..." Chocolate Bars
March 2016 Praim Group To Launch All-Natural Garfield Chocolate Bars
November 2015 Praim Group To Launch All-Natural Build-A-Bear Chocolate Bars and ChoxCards
April 2015 Praim Group To Debut New Confections Line at Sweets & Snacks Expo
April 2015 Praim Group's "Home" Chocolate Bars Released in Conjunction with the Weekend Blockbuster
February 2015 Praim Group Launches Mensch on a Bench Chocolate Bars
June 2014 Praim Group Signs Licensing agreement with DreamWorks
May 2014 Praim Group to Debut Dreamworks Chocolate Bars Featuring Shrek, Underdog, Casper the Ghost and more
April 2014 Praim Group Adds Three New Limited Edition Where's Waldo® All-Natural Bars to Collection
February 2014 Praim Group Introduces Four New Erin Condren® Chocolate Bars
January 2014 Praim Group Launches All-Natural French Bull® Chocolate Bars and ChoxCards®
July 2013 Seapoint Farms Edamame Crunch® Chocolate Bar named a 2013 "Editor Pick" by Progressive Grocer
May 2013 Praim Group to Debut Limited Edition All-Natural "WHERE'S WALDO? ®" Chocolate Bars and Monty Bojangles French Truffles at sweets and snacks expo
May 2013 Monty Bojangles Cocoa Dusted Truffles to Debut in America
April 2013 PRAIM Group to Launch All Natural Limited Edition Where's Waldo? ® Chocolate Bars.
April 2013 PRAIM Private Label Offers Custom Chocolate Bar Packaging for Celebrities, Brands and Retailers.
March 2013 Praim Group to Offer Limited Holiday Edition All Natural Bosco® Chocolate Bars
March 2013 Praim Group to Offer Limited Holiday Edition Seapoint Farms Edamame Crunch® Bars
Feb 2013 Praim Group to Launch All Natural Mary Phillips Designs® Chocolate Bars
Jan 2013 Pan Am Chocolate Appears in Denver Live Magazine.
Dec 2012 Choxcard™ to make a repeat appearance on Home Shopping Network
Nov 2012 lists Choxcard™ as the #1 way to gift a Gift Card during the 2012 holiday season!
Nov 2012 Award-Winning ChoxCardTM to make HSN Debut
Nov 2012 Warhol Pops Up
Sept 2012 Praim Group to Launch All Natural Pan Am Chocolate Bars
Aug 2012 ChoxCardTM Named One Of 2011's Most Influential Candy Products National Confectionary Sales Association
Aug 2012 ChoxCardTM Named Best New Product by Gourmet Retailer Magazine Editors
May 2012 ChoxCardTM Named a Top Innovation
at Sweets and Snacks Expo
April 2012 Praim Group Introduces CHOXCARD TM:
A Revolutionary Greeting Card that Changes the way People Give Gift Cards
April 2012 Praim Group announces launch of Edamame Crunch a new line of all-natural edamame chocolate bars.
April 2012 Praim Group to Partner with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
September 2011 The Street - Bosco, The Taste of Nostalgia
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